Come and enjoy with likeminded people a special meditation class where you can be yourself in a relaxing/safe space. Your intuition and psychic abilities will be heightened , and you will learn to develop a deep inner peace.

Classes will be held every week.
Eye pillows included and a lovely cup of tea provided.
Bookings are essential


This is a unique method for unblocking and releasing repressed pain, self limiting decisions and many other related emotions. This truly is a remarkable treatment that will help you to recover emotionally and physically from some of the following symptoms:

*Sudden onset of anxiety and depression
*Mood & Character shifts
*Poor Concentration
*New phobias or new allergies
*Different attitudes or prejudices
*Hearing constant negative inner voices


Jo is a professional and full time Spiritual Healer whom helps her clients heal and connect with the love and life that resonates within each and every one of us. As an extension of Jo's abilities, Jo works in the paranormal realm, it is here that cases of posession and psychic attacks can be detected and rectified to bring back harmony to individuals relationships and Homes.


An effective and powerful means to eliminating disruptive, intrusive and negative energies from your home/space. Your home will be restored back to a harmonious, happy and peaceful environment.

Please make contact if you experience any of the following

*High frequency of arguments

*Depression/Mood Swings
*Unexplained noises and movements

Residue energies ,may be left behind by previous tenants, deceased or 'people traffic'- People that come and go through your home.


Reiki is the science and art of activating, directing and applying natural universal life energy to promote energy balancing, healing and wholeness, to prevent disorders and to maintain a state of positive wellness no matter what age. Reiki is an extremely effective self help technique for total relaxation and stress release. Its a perfect modality for balancing your energies throughout the whole physical-emotional-mental-spiritual dynamic.

A Treatment feels like a wonderful glowing radiance that flows through and around you. Treating the whole creating many beneficial effects including feelings of peace, secruity and wellbeing, many have reported miraculous results, as it is a simple and safe method of spiritual healing and self improvement everyone can use. It has been effective in helping vitually every known illness and ailment it always creates a beneficial effect.


Holistic Counselling Philosophy and practice is based on the following principles:

* Respect for the individual as a whole person rather than a cluster of symptoms or problems.

* Understanding the individual as a member of a wider family, social and polictical context which profoundly   influences his/her life.

*Reverence for the individual as they empower themselves by discovering the answers to their own questions and problems in their lives.

*Acknowledging that it is the basic right of every human being to be loved, wanted and to feel good about 

'Each one of us is totally linked with the universe and with all of life. The Power is within us to expand the horizons of our consciousness' Louise Hay.