'A powerful life changing workshop based on the Philosophies of Louise Hay'

We all go through periods in life where we wonder how we will ever achieve our life's purpose or whether we even have a purpose. It might feel like something is missing from our lives and we dont know how to fill that void. Some of us may turn to alcohol/drugs, unhealthy relationships or other self destructive behaviours in an attempt to give our lives meaning. Perhaps we believe that we dont have the right to ask for more or feel like there isnt anything more than what we can see in front of us.

Each of us deserve the best that life has to offer changing your mind is the first step to manifesting your life. Remember that happiness isnt something that can be found 'out there', it can only come from within, through self-love and acceptance. Learn to love yourself and trust the Divine Intelligence within you. The Universe will bring you what you need if you simply allow it.


Louise Hay is an internationally acclaimed author, lecturer & teacher, the work of Louise Hay has helped millions of people worldwide change and improve their lives.

This powerful workshop developed by Louise Hay has been attended by thousands of people all over the world.

This workshop gives participants an intense format to move through a lot of material in a short time. People will go into themselves deeply to break through layers of old conditioning and find the beauty inside.

Louise believes that we are all meant to live a life filled with love, laughter, prosperity and radiant health.  This workshop speeds up the process of attaining these goals.

It is a stepping stone on your pathway of self discovery.  Discover your own power, inner wisdom and strengths.

Receive help to get the blocks & barriers out of the way.  In a group environment the energy level is heightened to help you reach your goals.


Its one of the quickests ways of getting all the principles of Louise Hay 'Self Healing' and seeing results.

Just putting time aside for such dedicated activity's in a safe space, sends a message to your sub-conscious that you are taking your own self care and healing seriously. Its during this time that the mind focuses without interruptions from everyday activities and other distractions in your life.

As we know there are many books on affirmations, meditation, inner child work and various mental excerises. However doing it on your own can be very daunting or difficult especially if some of the concepts involved are new to you. This is one of Louise Hay reasons for developing workshops to help support people on their journey's.

A trained facilitator can assist you to unlock the answers you seek and explain and perhaps reassure you when issues arise.

The perfect group always comes together for each workshop and you will be amazed and suprised how much additional benefit is derived from experiencing your experiences and transformation with others.

If you are ready for change, The 2 day Workshop is an intense experience, that will bring about change in your life, if
you would like to know more about Louise and her philosophies, her book 'You can heal your life' is a must read.

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